Monday, April 13, 2009

A tad behind

Finding time to blog this time of year is always difficult, so you end up with a few weeks worth of pictures and a big long post. That was your official warning...

A week ago Saturday was a beautiful day outside... actually we had an amazing weekend! We had thought it would be fun to go to the zoo with my dad (who was celebrating a birthday) and Kelly!

Syrah riding the baboon!

So many of the animals were enjoying the sun it was fun to see. We often hit the zoo when it is less then favorable weather and never would I have thought we would have gone on the first nice day of the year, but I am glad we did because it was fun to see so many animals out enjoying the sun as we were!

Sadie has taken a liking to photography and you can catch her shooting pictures all day!

I loved this picture - this Tiger looks like the wild beast he is, however, he really was just rolling around playing with the branches like a kitten.

Only last year did we realize that the zoo had a Red Panda. Most often we can barely catch a glimpse of him curled up in the trees, but this day we was our roaming and marking his territory. Come to find out the zoo has four of them, but they become violent to each other so they keep them separated (hence why he felt it necessary to leave his mark).

One thing we like to do is sit in the open bird part of the tropical rain forest. I personally could sit there for hours. This little guy landed right where we were sitting. Sadie reached out not to touch him, but to show how close he came to us!

Hard to believe that is our little girl walking between her Grandpa and Kelly!

This was one of my favorite parts of the day. This little goose (come to find out this is some type of swan, looks like a goose to me!) was standing on one leg. We watched him for quite awhile stand with confidence there on one leg, still as can be.

The funny part was he was the sole swan in a sea of flamingos. It tickled me funny like the little guy thought that he was one of them!

We ended a great day with big smiles!

We were able to spend some time with some friends on Sunday after going to an amazing morning church service and we finished off the weekend with an evening service that gave us tons of truth to chew on all week!

This last weekend was obviously the celebrating of our Lord and Savior who took our sins from us and gave us life through his resurrection!

The girls ready for Easter service. Might have to have Syrah start standing on the stairs to get these shots!

After service we were invited to join our friends the Caceres's. Each year they host an Easter Egg hunt for the kiddos, but this year they decided to have a family hunt and an Easter Brunch. We felt very blessed to be included in their family time on such a joyful day!

Amara, Samuel, Dayton, Micah, Syrah and Sadie ready to start looking for some eggs.

I just love this picture of the handsome cousins!

Sadie looking for eggs - the smile says it all!

After the hunt each of the kids checked out what they found!

Sadie, Samuel, Micah & Dayton checking out their finds!

For the friends and family that stop by we thank you for being patient through the times in life that when things slow down we spend the time with those who matter most and that is each other. We pray for all our family and friends that the Spirit of our Lord be present in your lives each day and causing transformation with each forward step.


the wild raspberry said...

looks like a lot of wonderful family moments!....
thank you so much for your supportive comments on my blog.
i appreciate it beyond words!

The Stylish House said...

Hi Jordan’s!
It was nice to read your comments on my Amsterdam Blue post. I love visiting the zoo. Your photos turned out beautifully, and it looks like you had a fun outing! I enjoyed getting a glimpse into your life; your family is a treasure. Have a wonderful week.
Blessings, Cathy