Friday, March 20, 2009

what could it be?????

Last night Syrah was playing and suddenly she came running to us to tell us that something wasn't right with her hand. She said "my hand is glowing!". Looking at her hand in the light I could see nothing, but when we took her to the closet (huh, that sounds weird) this is what we saw:

with limited light.

In the dark.

She wasn't hurting in anyway, but not sure what to make of it we ran to the Internet and did some research.... come to find out that she has SPRING FEVER! Luckily, the cure is the arrival of the first day of Spring, so by this morning she was cured!

Obviously this is all in fun; Syrah was actually playing with a glow stick that sprung a leak and left a mess all over her hands.


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Caceres Family said...

LOL~ that was funny! you had me going for a minute!! happy spring.