Tuesday, February 24, 2009

~laid back weekend~

We had a pretty laid back weekend this weekend, which was warranted after a pretty crazy week. We started it with celebrating our friends birthday by going out for breakfast (which is a huge treat and rarely happens). Then we came home and everyone started some type of project (or several). I didn't capture all the little projects going on in the house this weekend, but I did catch a few.

Sadie started her first cross stitch project and is enjoying it!

This was just the beginning stages, but she has made a ton of progress since then.

The girls found these great projects of building different things. Sadie started building a pirate ship with her dad (this will be an ongoing project) and then Sadie helped Syrah with the creating of this squirrel (it turned out super cute, but they won't allow any pictures until it is painted).

At school on Monday the Kindergarten class celebrated the 100th day of school and they each needed to bring 100 of something laid out in 5 groups. Syrah worked on this during the weekend and had a good time celebrating 100 days of school yesterday.

There were a few other "projects" that were started over the weekend that aren't yet completed. I have a feeling the final projects will be revealed soon!

Have a blessed week!

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