Tuesday, February 3, 2009

catch all

For Christmas Sadie was given a puzzle; a puzzle that was bigger than any puzzle we have done before and apparently harder than we expected. Well, this puzzle sat on our dining room table for a few weeks and we did our best to work around it. Over time, that grew old so Billy brought in a table from the garage and put in the one space it will fit. The puzzle still sits... once in a while I will sit down and attempt it, but seriously, I think we are just not puzzle people (or we have a puzzle way too hard for "starters"). At this point the table has become a catch all. Currently it is holding some Valentines Crafts!

Tucked in the corner is the "catch all" table.

A little closer, you can even see that the puzzle box has conveniently started holding crafts too!

Peek under those hand made cards and you can find the puzzle! I am actually enjoying having a place off the dining room table to put all these things rather then having to pack it all up even when the "projects" aren't done, but I am concerned that his puzzle may NEVER get done! Are you good at puzzles?? Let us know, we will feed you while you assemble!!
The start of Sadie's Valentine Cards!
The start of Syrah's Valentine cards (hand stitched, which she is LOVING!)

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Caceres Family said...

WOW Sadie and Syrah~ your cards look amazing! You are both so very creative. Thinking of you both,
love Mrs. Caceres