Friday, January 9, 2009

Strange email...

This morning at 11:26 I received a very strange email, I thought I would share it with you all. Here is what it said:

Hello, do you remember me? You put pictures on me, you write lovely things about your days and share them with your family and friends!!! I miss you and wish that you would give me some attention. I know you have children, a husband and job, I am just asking that you try to sneak me in a little on the side….. missing you, Love YOUR BLOG

I had NO idea that when you neglected the BLOG it had feelings, but I guess it is somewhat flattering to know my computer misses me! I wish I had some exciting news to share as to what we have been up to the last nine days, but really, I don't. We stayed up together on New Year's Eve (ever notice that it is easy to stay up until midnight on accident, but when you are trying to stay up it is very difficult). We did some projects around the house (Billy finished painting some rooms, we hung pictures, re-arranged shelving to make room for the growing number of books the girls have). We enjoyed the last few days of winter break... stayed up a bit later, woke up a bit later, just generally enjoyed being together. This last week we have been working hard to get back into the routine of getting up to an alarm clock and getting out the door in an organized and timely manner.

Last weekend we did get to have one last Christmas celebration at my moms to have some time with my brother Eric and his wife Lauren, who were in Lauren's home town of Nashville, TN over Christmas. We were surprised to be witnessing even more snow come down on that day and Eric got his white Christmas as he had wanted (kinda!).

Eric (check out those fogged up glasses) and Billy after making a trip to the car in the snow!!!

I am glad to say we are getting a break from the snow, but sure have been hit with some wind and rain since... please continue to pray for those that are affected by flooding (which are many!).

I would like to thank my blog for motivating me to get back here... I will do my best to update more often and not go 9-10 days absent!

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caceres family said...

LOL, you are so right. I can "accidentaly" stay up to midnight putzing around doing prep for school, computer stuff etc. but boy, try to stay up for something and I am asleep by 8:30!! What is that???? Love the update, strange, strange email. I would hate to see what happens if you EVER let it go that long again..........