Sunday, January 25, 2009

Long between updates, again...

Our lack of posting has been mainly due to the fact we haven't had a lot to report (which is nice sometimes). Two weeks ago Sadie had her first band performance which was fun to watch. There were so many kids involved in band, it was nice to see.

Sadie in on the clarinet.

Here is a short sample of one of the songs they did called "Surprise Symphony" by Joseph Hayden. What was really fun is that as soon as they started to play this song Syrah said "hey, I know this song" and she started to giggle because she knew what the surprise was. Their music teacher does a great job of teaching them of many different composers and the history behind why they wrote the songs they did.

Besides band concerts we haven't had a lot going on... we had to postpone some friends coming over because I feel ill with the flu, but we were able to have them over for dinner last night and it was a great time!

For those of you who read our blog and are not from the area; we are getting more snow. It started last night and left us a nice covering over night. Then today it has pretty much been snowing all day and it feels VERY cold outside. I will say, it is beautiful, but we are hopeful it doesn't turn into what is was last month (sounds like this should be going away fairly soon).

Hopefully the updates will be sooner than later.

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