Sunday, January 25, 2009

Going to the dogs!!!

Recently there was a local story near Seattle about two women who were running puppy mills out of separate locations (apparently mother and daughter). The dogs that they had in there care were in horrible condition and were all taken from them. This lead to 600 (yes, I said 600) dogs being taken in by a local shelter. Most of the dogs are in horrible condition, not cared for well at all and come to find out that 80% of them are pregnant. You can read about this situation here.

Sadie has a passion for dogs, anyone who knows her knows that she has a heart for animals. This story of the dogs touched her very deeply and she had decided to do something to help. She has turned over all the money she currently has and is working to earn more to buy supplies for the shelter which is desperately crying for food, beds, toys and money to help them care for these dogs. One way that Sadie has decided to raise money is to make some of her clay creations and sell them for donations that will go 100% to the shelter. If you are interested in making a donation she will mail (or hand deliver where possible) one of her creations. Sadie has a goal of raising $250.00 by the middle of February. Many of these dogs will be in the shelter for that long or more while obtaining the medical help they need to be adopted out.

To read more about the need that the shelters have, please click here this link will take you to the organization of Saving Pets One at a Time which is currently helping these dogs. Obviously the goal here is to help this shelter, so PLEASE consider making a donation of your time if possible or money to help these poor puppies.

Sadie's clay art is being sold at no specific cost; just donations please... we will update with new clay creations as money is raised and post when Sadie delivers the donations. Also, please keep the workers in your prayers. Many of them are seeing animals in who have been treated horribly and are in a very sad conditions. They are not facing an easy job.

If you are interested in donating by ordering one of Sadie's clay art projects, please email Thank you for considering!!

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caceres family said...

What a great idea! You have such a giving, thoughtful heart.
We love you,
Caceres Family