Wednesday, December 31, 2008


We had a pretty fun thing happen on Sunday, but I have to give you some back ground.

When Syrah turned one we had a combined birthday party for her and her sister with lots of our family. Being that Syrah was one, she was mostly interested in tissue paper, boxes or just generally overwhelmed by all that was going on. One of the gifts she got was from her Aunt Becky; it was a little white puppy dog and that was the one thing that Syrah held onto the entire day. One day turned into two, into weeks, into months. That dog was her dog and it went everywhere with her… she loved it. She would often lay her head on him or cuddle up tight with him. It was very precious. As she got older she called the dog Muffin (which was the name on the tag).

Not the greatest shot, but we captured the moment the little white puppy entered Syrah's life.

Syrah showing off Muffin to the camera (age 18 months)

Fast forward to Syrah at age three. Our family stayed down town at the Westin the night before the Jingle Bell Run 2005 and of course Muffin came with.

This is Syrah and Muffin after she woke up the morning of JBR 05'!

When we got home from the overnight; Muffin was nowhere to be found… I called the Westin daily to check and see if anyone turned him in. I figured that with all the white bedding he probably just got tucked in a blanket and out of sight. Well, that one day turned into two, into a week, into months and the realization that Muffin was gone (who would have thought we would capture the day that little white puppy left Syrah's life?). In that time, I did search for another Muffin, but no luck. Instead, I found a smaller version and although Syrah said it would never replace Muffin, it was nice to have “lollypup” to keep her company. For the first year, Syrah would talk about Muffin a lot… I mean, almost too much, but like all things that faded. Once in a great while she would bring him up and ask if there is any way he could be found still.

Fast forward back to Sunday… we stopped at a grocery store, one we never go to, not even near our home. We were taking our time because like always we were a tad early to our destination. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted some stuffed animals and I said “let’s go look at the animals”… so off we went. Only moments after walking in the direction I saw a little white puppy and I said “wow, that looks like…”, “MUFFIN” Syrah shouted as she scooped him up and hugged him like the long lost friend he is. She proceeded to look at the tag and there it was “MUFFIN”. She was glowing with excitement; actually we all were because this is quite amazing three years after the loss of Muffin one. There were three of them; each looked a tad dirty and as if they maybe had been sitting in the bottom of a box for years. The tag says:

Monday morning, the day after the little white puppy was back in Syrah's life!

And that is the end of our little story about Muffin!


caceres family said...

UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I remember that day Syrah and Muffin were seperated, we all felt so bad. Never did we think that 3 years later you would find another!!!! How wonderful and what a great suprise!!!

The Ski Family said...

WONDERFUL... how amazing and wonderful to have Muffin back! Congrats!!!