Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A milestone

I just have to share this as I think it is a big deal. Years ago my mom bought this growth chart for the girls. It has been in Syrah’s room and we have been measuring them from time to time (usually with big gaps in between).

The other day I was looking at it while Syrah was getting ready for bed and I thought “so many people have commented on how tall Sadie has gotten – I wonder how much she has grown”. I think when you see your child every day it is hard to see the growth in the same way others see it, however, we have noticed that Sadie’s hugs are different and that she is standing very tall these days. We measure the girls and found that Sadie had hit the FIVE FOOT mark!!!

That is 4.5 inches since February of this year. From 2006 -2008 she grew 4.5 inches - so it’s pretty amazing that she grew that much in 10 months! It sure is fun to watch these girls grow up both physically, emotionally and spiritually!!

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