Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hidden Treasure

Syarh has out grown her kitchen; she rarely uses it anymore and she thought it would be good to give it to McKayla so that she could use it and play with it for a few years to come. Syrah did keep all her glass dishes, some of which belonged to her Great-Grandma Connie and her Grandma Valerie when they were growing up. We were trying to think of a good way to display them in her room that would be most efficient. Last night I woke up and remembered that we had he girls Great-Grandma's "kitchen" from when she was a little girls that we were keeping in the garage until Syrah was a bit older as it has glass cabinets and we wanted to make sure she was old enough for them. This morning I pulled out out from the garage and cleaned it all up!

Here it is!! My grandma Connie used this when she was little, my mom used it when she was little and I remember using it at my grandma's house when I was little. It is a treasure to have it here now for our girls to enjoy.

I love the latch; I can't think of anything else we have that has a latch like this one!

After we put all the "dishes" in it; she has several tea sets and often the girl set up restaurants for us or for their animals and friends.

Most of these glass dishes belong to either my grandma or my mom from when they were growing up, so they are all quite special.


jaime said...

perfect fit

caceres family said...

We love your new kitchen! How adorable and we love the story behind it! Can't wait to see it.
Love Mrs Caceres, Mr. Caceres, Samuel and Micah