Saturday, October 11, 2008

~~Prayers for Sadie~~

Calling all prayer warriors; I am asking for prayer around Sadie. I usually keep all medical stuff to her site, but this is whats going on in our "family" right now, so it is important that I ask you all for prayer. Not having a church home to request prayer from is hard right now, it would be comforting to know that there are people out there lifting Sadie up to our Lord!

Sadie is on day two of her stay at Children's (she was admitted Thursday, but they don't count it since she got a late start on meds). She is sound asleep right now.. I type this while listening to her breathing. She has shown so much courage over the last two days and more patience than most. She has been woken up every few hours and had people moving her, poking at her, asking her questions (just what any person wants to deal with coming out of sleep).

My request is just for speedy healing... we were told originally about five days here should do it. Then yesterday we were told it could be 7-10 days. Far cry from where we were a year ago preparing to leave for Disneyland. We would all like to see Sadie come home as quickly as possible, I don't know anyone that enjoys the atmosphere of the hospital. We are pretty family oriented people and the fact that we can't all be together is quite hard on all of us... if we could all be here together it might just make it that much easier.

I will try to get some updated pictures on here soon... another fun zoo trip, Syrah's first field trip (to the pumpkin farm), view from our hospital room (which is actually quite nice).

Thank you for all your prayers and support.

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caceres family said...

Dear Sadie~ We love you and are praying for your very speedy recovery.

T~we are praying for you, Billy and Sy too. Give Sadie a big hug for us.

We love you and hate that you have to all be going through this....wish we were all heading to Disneyland :-)

Love Katrina, MFC, Samuel and Micah