Monday, September 15, 2008

More frog fun~

We had some great impromptu family time with our friends the Caceres's this weekend... we celebrated the end of summer with a barbecue and they put up one of the water slides for the kids to play in (which they LOVED!). Samuel and Sadie were bug hunting when they found a frog, this isn't an unusual event, however this frog was HUGE and just as beautiful as can be. We each spent a moment holding the frog, we enjoyed it's beauty and then the kids released it back to the trees! What a fun treasure the little guy was!!

Samuel and his froggy find!!

Micah admiring the little guy!

On Sadie's arm
Can you tell how pleased she is to be holding him?
I love this shot because you can see him starting to climb up Katrina's arm!

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