Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jeremiah's Visit (Day 5)

Saturday we went to the zoo, it was very quite there, very few people and we felt like we had some amazing encounters with some of the animals.

The Jaguar was up and pacing; we sat here for a long time as this beautiful cat paced along the windows. It is amazing to think the only thing between the kids and that Jaguar is that sheet of glass.

I will have to dig out the past pictures, but this picture has become a tradition when Jeremiah is visiting.

The kids all were able to feed the birds; we were pretty lucky because they had all just had lunch and we were informed they may not be that hungry, but this little one landed on Jeremiah's stick right away!

Sadie had to be much more patient for a bird to get to her - she was overjoyed when this little one landed on her stick.

This is the first time Syrah has done this one her own; the birds can be a little intimidating and so often she will get "help", but this time she was able to do it and was very pleased to have the experience.

Sunday we all went to church and then Billy took Jeremiah to the airport; the visit went very fast and Jeremiah is growing and changing even faster... we are grateful for the time we have and look forward to times in the near future.

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