Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Jeremiah's Visit (Day 1)

We were blessed to have Jeremiah here with us for a short time this summer (five days went way to fast). He arrived on Tuesday and we all went to the beach to put our feet in the sand and enjoy some of the beautiful sun.

Jeremiah and Billy!

Sadie and Jeremiah enjoying the water.

I love this shot of Jeremiah, he was walking this boardwalk with the ferry behind him; the tide was on it's way in. It was so awesome for Billy and I to sit back and watch all three of the kids together. It was one of those moments that you really sit back and try to take it all in; what a blessing these kids our to our lives and how much we value and love them.

Before we left the beach we all walked the fishing pier. Daddy and his kids!! It was a beautiful day to all be together again!

More photos of Jeremiah's time here in the days ahead...

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