Friday, May 9, 2008

Painting at Color Me Mine

Tuesday we all went to Color Me Mine to make gifts for Mother's Day. Syrah has gone once before with her aunt and she made me a very cute snake for my birthday. I have been once with a group of ladies and made myself a coffee mug. Neither Billy or Sadie have ever gone and they were both excited. Billy wasn't planning to make anything, but couldn't resist once he saw how much fun it was going to be!

Billy prepping to start his masterpiece.
Syrah painting (can't reveal what she made yet!)
Billy decided to make a bug ~ here he is working hard.
Sadie working on one of her two projects ~ both girls did an amazing job and I loved watching them be so creative!

Billy with his "love bug" - I am excited to get this very personalized gift for Mother's Day!!
I will post more pictures after the gifts are given (don't want to reveal any surprises too soon!)

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