Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Brunch

On Sunday I hosted a brunch for my Mom and Grandma... I had so much fun preparing the meal and having some time with my family.

Sadie & Syrah made a sign to Welcome everyone to the Brunch

Syrah made a coffee mug for her Great-Grandma Connie for Mother's Day
Sadie made a mug for her Grandma Valerie

Syrah made her Grandma Valerie a little kitty, Grandma Valerie loves Cats!

Sadie made her Great-Grandma Connie a bowl.
Syrah made me a very special flower for Mother's Day

Sadie made me a special book of some of her favorite poems, jokes and quotes from some of her most favorite books. I loved it and will share a page soon!
The Moms: Grandma Connie, Mom Valerie and Me.
We had a great time spending the morning and afternoon together.

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