Friday, May 23, 2008

School Days and Dresses

Last week (where did this week go?) Sadie's school hosted an Open House so that parents can come and take a look at what the kids are learning. During the Open House Sadie shared about some of the reports she has done, shared some of her math work, books being read in class and some of her art. Sadie also shared with us four of her power point presentations regarding the research she has done on several animals. It was amazing to see her first power point next to her last and see how much progress she made in not only in the presentation, but also the amount of information and how she laid it out. My favorite was the report she did on Owls, I think she could teach her Mom and Dad a few things about the computer!

Here is Sadie pointing out some of the work that she has completed this year.
We got to see all about the project the class has been working on studying the Colonial Boston. This is the business that Sadie and her group have built and researched; they own a Pub, which also serves as the local post office and a place for meetings. Each student created a "character" that is from the Colonial Boston Days, Sadie created "Ryanne Hale". "Ryanne" works in the Pub, she gets supplies and waits tables. Sadie has really enjoyed History and this was a fun interactive way for the kids to "get into the time".
After the classroom tour they had an ice cream social and book fair. Syrah enjoyed the ice cream very much!

The rest of last weekend we had the pleasure of spending some good time with friends over great meals. We went to a wonderful church service on Sunday and got some much needed rest in order to get our house healthy.

In other items... the girls are getting excited to be the flower girls in the upcoming wedding of their Grandpa Duane and Kelly. Today they picked out dresses for the wedding with Kelly.

The girls together, both are very much in love with their new dresses.

Syrah looks like a little Princess!

Sadie looks like a beautiful young lady (growing up too fast!!)

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katrina said...

Sadie and Syrah, You girls look BEAUTIFUL! Thinking of you both. Love Mrs. Caceres