Friday, March 7, 2008

~~~I'm THIRTY~~~

I am officially in my thirty's - yeah!!! I had a great birthday; in the morning we went to church and then out to breakfast with our dear friends the Caceres's to one of my favorite places growing up... the Pancake Haus.

If you have never eaten at the Pancake Haus in Edmonds, I highly recommend it; the food takes a bit (but they tell you that right on the menu), but it is well worth the wait.

After breakfast we came back to our place and I was spoiled rotten with gifts!!! Who gets this many cards???? Spoiled Rotten I tell ya'!!

Then we went to my grandma's to have dinner with her, my mom, brother and sister-in-law. Here is me and my grandma!!

Look at that man, I am a very blessed lady to have such a hunk of a guy on my arm!!

To finish off the night we went back to my grandma's for cake and ice cream and a little more spoiling... How many people does it take to light all those candles???
It was a great day, full of sweet memories and I appreicate all who had a part in making is special for me. I especially thank each who have come along side me in my thirty years; some have been on the walk since the start, some have joined along the way, but each have made the walk what it is today... for that I am grateful and call myself blessed!

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caceres family said...

We hope you had a wonderful birthday. Love the picture of you and Billy, you both look so great! How do we get a copy of that????
Lets go back to that Pancake Haus soon...AWESOME food!!!!!We love you!