Friday, February 22, 2008

Enjoying the weather...

On Monday Bill had to work so the girls and I decided to go to the zoo. It was extra special because my grandma (great-grandma to the girls) was able to join us.

The girls with their Great-Grandma Connie, we were so happy she joined us!!

Syrah's favorite animal was the Golden Lion Tamarin - they are SO much fun to watch and have so much energy. Grandma brought her binoculars (the wisdom of a grandma because I had never thought to do this) - both girls loved being able to check out the animals that weren't close enough to view!!

Sadie's favorite this time was the Elephant; we arrived just in time to watch one finish taking a bath. For treats they threw the elephant some carrots and it was lots of fun to watch him use his trunk to pick them up. Sadie kept a journal about each and every animal we saw on our visit so we could share with Dad what we saw.

My favorite was the Jaguar... in the many years since this new exhibit has been complete I have never viewed the Jaguar this close. What an amazing animal. He was napping right near the window and as it appears enjoying the warmth of the sunshine. He is beautiful!
After the zoo we went to have lunch with dad and share our fun time at the zoo. We had a great time!!

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