Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rain, Rain at the zoo

On Saturday we decided to have a family day at the zoo; we were given a zoo pass for Christmas so we have been really excited to get there! Even though the day were a few sprinkles and cold, we decided that we could make it fun no matter what the weather had in store.
This is the first picture of Sadie during our zoo trip - doesn't she look excited?
Syrah was super happy to be at the zoo too! We each picked a favorite animal to blog about.
Syrah loved this owl; Spectacled Owl - this guy seemed pretty happy to be out for the rainy day. We all spent a good amount of time checking out the several birds on display.
Sadie loved the Giraffe's - they were having their barn cleaned so we had lots of time to watch them up close. They are beautiful creatures!
Our very last exhibit was the otters, which ultimately ended up being all of our favorites. Since we have been the zoo has created a new viewing spot so that when these little guys are curled up resting you can peek a view; they were super cute. This isn't the greatest picture, but you can see his little claws and whiskers. We loved watching them!
This was on our way out... you can see that we surely were feeling the rain, but we had a great time and Sadie walked the ENTIRE thing (for those of you who know her medical history, this is amazing!) by the way... notice the massive crowds at the zoo that day?? There is some incentive to go in the rain!

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